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Web Designing Course Training

Web Designing Course Fees :10,000 INR

Course Duration : 3 Months

Classes Timings: Regular-2hrs(Mon-Fri) Weekend - 3hrs ( Sat-Sun )

Our institute has 3 phases involved in web designing course training. First phase is called "Pre production", under this students do planning for his assigned project. This is where all the necessary information is gathered by the web designing students, to gain an understanding of what the clients needs are. This step involves the asking of many questions like why they are making this website? Is it for product sales, providing information, service promotion? etc. What group of people is the website intended for? by doing this students gather content for the website. After this web designing students create sitemap for the website. The map contains all the main topics and sub-topics for the project. It is a guide for content and a user-friendly system of navigation. This is the end of web designing course pre production phase.

Now students go for web designing course production phase. This is where institute provides photoshop training, HTML CSS training and after that flash training to students. Photoshop course, HTML CSS course and Flash training classes details are given below.

Photoshop Training Classes

professional photoshop training classes Adobe Photoshop Interface

Institutes offers photoshop training classes under Web designing syllabus. This stage involves reviewing of the information in deciding how the actual website will look. Under photoshop training classes students do layout designing using photoshop. Institute's photoshop training experts teach Phtoshop latest tools and best techniques. By using Phtoshop these tool students learn designing a web page with keeping in mind the screen resoultions and standerd sizes for a web page. There are different types of rules for designing a website in a professional and best possibe way. Institutes offers twenty classes under Photoshop training course. read more about Photoshop training classes , training fee and Photoshop course syllabus

HTML CSS Training Classes

Institutes offers html css training classes after photoshop training. Once students completes designing a web page using Photoshop. Now its time to convert Photoshop web layout into HTML web page, without converting photoshop layout into html web page website can not completed. You can not live your photoshop layout. Photoshop layouts do not have navigation system and google serach engines do not crawl photoshop web page layout effectively.

Under HTML CSS training classes Photoshop web page actually developed into a fully functional website. HTML CSS training process involves the development of the home page first. Secondly, an outline of additional pages is formulated and used as a template for navigation and content. Institute HTML CSS training experts teach best techniques for HTML CSS coading. In web designing HTML CSS codes must comply with contemporary website measures, accessibility and maximized functionality. Our web designing institute provides twenty to twenty five classes for HTML CSS training course. read more for HTML CSS training classes, HTML CSS training fee and for HTML CSS course syllabus.

professional HTML CSS training in web designingAdobe Dreamweaver code and design view

Flash Training Classes

Adobe Flash training classesAdobe Flash workspace

After HTML CSS coading website is almost complete. Website having some interactive elements drag more attentaion of website visitors. Means if your website has some some animated contents like moving web banners. Then your website can be more visitor friendly. Under Adobe Flash training classes institute's experts in Flash designing train tou best techniques and tools in Adobe Flash training classes. After completing Flash training course students can enter into 2D animation field. After Adobe Flash training student can create cantoon characters, vector background scenes and using Adobe Flash different animation techniques student can animate those cartoon characters and backgrounds. In short after finishing Photoshop training classes students create graphics and after Adobe Flash training classes they create motion graphics. Our web designing institute provides fifteen to twenty classes for Adobe Flash training course. read more for Flash training classes, Flash designing course fee and for Adobe Flash course syllabus.

Dreamweaver Training Classes

Institute provides Dreamweaver training for web designing training course students. Dreamweaver is a HTML CSS code editor tool, using Dreamweaver students write HTML and CSS code for designing a website. Under HTML CSS training our web designing experts provide Dreamweaver training. In Dreamweaver there various options are available like 'code hint'. If some one write wrong HTML or CSS coding Dreamweaver shows those errors. Web designing students can remove those HTML or CSS coding mistakes. Institute provides Dreamweaver training to write HTML CSS coading. Institutes HTML CSS training experts show various tools and best options related to Dreamweaver for designing a website easily to the students.

Web Hosting Training Classes
professional web hosting training classesFTP software File Zilla interface

This way under production phase institute provides Photoshop training classes, HTML CSS training classes using Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash training for web designing students. One final step is post production where all the elements of the web designing and web development are analyzed. Additionally, compatibility for different web browsers and website optimization are tested. As well as, HTML CSS code validations are tested to ensure that the website complies with current website measures. Institute provide all these things for web designing students under web hosting training. Institute web hosting experts provide training and best techniques to live websites into server.
Once this is completed the website is released to the internet. This is done by using an FTP program to upload it to the web. Additionally, a domain is registered, as well as hosting service accounts are set up. One final analysis should also be completed for confirmation that everything was correctly uploaded and there are no issues with functionality.

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