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InDesign Course Training Program

InDesign Training Fees : 3,000 INR

Course Duration : 1 Month

InDesign Training Timings:
Weekend - 3hrs ( Sat-Sun )

Quick Start Tour of Adobe InDesign
  • Quick Start Tour of Adobe InDesign
  • Creating Guides Using the Line Tool
  • Using Photoshop® Files in InDesign
  • Using Illustrator® Files in InDesign
  • Creating a Shadow and Adding a Logo
  • Placing and Stylizing Text
  • Entering Text and Images into a Table
  • Changing Display Quality and Multiple Text Layers
  • Exporting an InDesign File as a PDF
Letting InDesign Work for you
  • Introducing Document Preferences
  • General, Type and Advanced Type Preferences
  • Units, Increments andGrids Preferences
  • Guides, Pasteboards, Spelling and Story Editor Preferences
  • Display Performance and Appearance of Black Preferences
  • File Handling Preferences and Type Tool Options
  • Grouping Palettes into Clusters
  • Setting Palette Options and Sliding Palettes
  • Showing/Hiding Palettes with Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Creating and Modifying Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Creating New Layer and Workspace Shortcuts
Documents, Presets and Dependencies
  • Creating a New Document
  • Saving and Editing Document Presets
  • Working with File Types and Extensions
  • Opening Files
  • Fixing Dependencies Automatically
  • Fixing Dependencies Manually
Navigation and Adobe Bridge
  • Adjusting Page Size
  • Using the Zoom Tool
  • Scrolling the Page and Changing View Size
  • Using the Navigator Palette
  • Introducing Adobe Bridge
  • Viewing Files in Bridge
  • Saving a Workspace, Rating and Labeling
  • Filtering, Reordering and Sorting Files in Bridge
  • Viewing Images in a Slideshow
Letting InDesign Guide you
  • Creating Margins and Columns
  • Understanding Master Pages
  • Setting Up Rulers. Creating Guides
  • Understanding Guides as Objects
  • Using Control Palette Calculations
  • Customizing Guide Colors
  • Placing Guides on Layers
  • Placing Guides on Multiple Pages
  • Using Preview Modes
Beginning your Layout Design
  • Saving a Document
  • When Not to Turn on Allow Pages to Shuffle
  • The Rectangle Tool vs. the Rectangle Frame Tool
  • Creating Frames for Text and Graphics
  • Organizing Elements in the Layers Palette
  • Changing the Basic Paragraph Style
  • Selecting, Adjusting and Filling Text Frames
Importing, Pouring, Flowing and Automation
  • Setting up Microsoft Word Import Options
  • Setting Options for Placing Imported Text
  • Placing and Directing Overflow Text
  • Adding Pages to the Document
  • Creating a Layout and Duplicating Text Frames
  • Setting up Text Links Across Multiple Frames
  • Pre-Linking and Adjusting Text Frame Options
  • Using Autoflow for Automatic Documents
Type Formatting
  • Selecting a Font
  • Adjusting Type Size and Leading
  • Exploring More Character Options
  • Adjusting Tracking
  • Introducing Kerning and the Eyedropper Tool
  • Adjusting Kerning and Baseline Shift
Paragraph Formatting and Design
  • Hyphenating Text
  • Adjusting Paragraph Spacing
  • Creating a Bulleted List
  • Indenting Paragraphs Manually
  • Using Drop Caps
The Basics of Typography
  • Inserting White Spaces
  • Using Notes
  • Applying Optical Margin Alignment to Linked Frames
  • Applying Optical Margin Alignment to an Object Style

  • Using Ligatures
  • Exploring OpenType Fonts
  • Using Discretionary Ligatures and Fractions
  • Using Proportional Oldstyle and Ordinals
  • Using Small Caps and Force Line Break
  • Exploring Glyphs
  • Glyph Palette Options and Applying Glyphs
Basic Paragraph Style Sheets
  • Linking Style Sheets
  • The Advantages of Linked Style Sheets
  • Importing Style Sheets from Other Documents
  • Redefining a Style
Graphic Frames and Object Styles
  • Graphic Frames and Object Styles
  • Creating Basic Graphic Frames
  • Adding and Aligning a Stroke to a Graphic Frame
  • Saving a New Object Style
  • Saving a Thin Line as a New Object Style
  • Arranging and Aligning Objects
  • Copying Shapes and Applying Rich Black
  • Editing the Shape and Size of Objects in Sequence
  • Transform Again Individually to Duplicate Frames
  • Converting Shapes
Importing Vector Graphics
  • Importing Illustrator Files
  • The Main Selection Tool vs. the Direct Selection Tool
  • Scaling an Image Numerically
  • Moving an Anchor Point, Rotating, Scaling and Moving
  • Fitting Content Proportionally
  • Using Shortcuts to Scale a Graphic
  • Importing an Illustrator File from Bridge
  • Importing an Image and Changing Its Transparency
Adobe Photoshop® Import andCreativity
  • Importing and Adjusting Photoshop Images
  • Utilizing the Links Palette
  • Drag and Drop from Bridge and Fill Frame Proportionally
  • Adjusting Display Performance
  • Placing a Background Image
  • Drawing a Line and Adding an Illustrator Title
  • Nudging an Image with the Arrow Keys
  • Accessing Layers Using Object Layer Options
  • Cropping and Viewing Layers
Layered Design and Text Wrap
  • Bringing in Separate Images Defined by One Image
  • Placing a Background Image and Changing Text Color
  • Organizing Layers and Placing a Title
  • Customizing a Title Layout Design
  • Creating an Advanced Layered Design
  • Using Photoshop Clipping Paths Using Text Wrap
Creating and Storing Color
  • Introducing the Swatches and Color Palettes
  • Creating Color and Tint Swatches
  • Working with Spot Colors
  • Creating Mixed Ink Swatches and Groups
  • Using Gradients and Making a New Gradient Swatch
  • Adding Small Color Reference Frames to Images
Intelligent Type Styles
  • Adding and Positioning a Text Frame
  • Formatting and Aligning Text
  • Creating Paragraph Styles
  • Editing Style Sheets for Automation Using Next Styles
  • Duplicating a Text Frame and Replacing the Text
  • Creating a Tint Swatch to Change Text Color
Baseline Grid Control
  • Creating an Image Box andPlacing the Image
  • Importing and Placing a Layered PDF File
  • Using the Paste In Place Command
  • Dragging and Dropping Images from Bridge
  • Introducing Document and Baseline Grids
  • Setting Grid Preferences and Snapping into Alignment
Powerful Nested Styles and Snippets
  • Importing Style Sheets
  • Snapping to Baseline Grid
  • Creating Character Style Sheets
  • Creating Nested Style Sheets
  • Adjusting the Optical Margin Alignment
  • Introducing Snippets
  • Working with Snippets
Compounds, Shadows and Transparency
  • Setting Transparency Options
  • Applying a Drop Shadow. Using the Redefine Object Style Command
  • Working with Compound Paths
  • Using the Pathfinder Palette
  • Final Comments and Credits
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